We anchored in Lisbon

Although we have been meeting with partners from the Anchors For the Future project online every month, this time we attended the meeting in person. Right in the sunny Lisbon, at the beginning of September 2021, we were welcomed by the host organisation CAI – Associação Internacional

During the first day, we summarized what we have already achieved in less than a year and where it is necessary to set any changes. We discussed the creation and subsequent operating of the educational platform Padlet, to which anyone who relates to the topics can contribute. At the same time, youth workers can build on it and share their experiences.

We worked on the communication strategy and its setting for the last 8 months of the project, we planned the November meeting in Prague dedicated to the completion of the educational game for girls and we also devoted most of the discussion to the emerging publication SPARKS. That will be one of the main outputs of the project. It will focus on individual competencies that are key for adolescent girls, and it will be built on authentic stories.

The second day of the meeting was full of creative spirit. We looked to the future and planned everything for the last period of the project. Room was full of ideas, brainstorming was at its full strength.
Besides setting important deadlines for the successful completion of the project, we discussed the strategy of our Facebook group, designed the visual part of the educational game, talked about involvement of people in the creation of Padlet content and much more…

We are thankful for the great partnership of the Polish Fundacja Laboratorium Zmiany, Spanish Jovesólides, Czech Business & Professional Women CR and last but not least for the warm welcome of the Portuguese CAI – Associação Internacional.

We upped the anchors and returned back to our homelands, where we are already planning two dates for testing the prototype of our games for girls, so that we can make it perfect at the November meeting in Prague.