Anchors in Prague

As we were looking forward to meeting again and continuing working on the game creation process after the training in June in Opole, all participants from the partners organizations met again in Prague. BPWCR became the host organization of this meeting.

As you might know, in the design thinking process everything is possible and you have to believe in it. We had to realize we have to throw everything away and start again so we could really move forward with the game.
After small icebreakers and team building activities to boost our creativity we went straight back to the design thinking process. We reminded ourselves where we finished at the end of our stay in Opole and agreed on the rules of training. 

We shared feedback from all the countries after the testing of our first prototype. Then we found key issues of the game to focus on followed by greater than great brainstorming about those issues.

It was an absolute interplay of the whole team. Every action from each one of us had a reaction from others. We were very much on the same wavelength. At the same time our ideas were all like different kinds of bricks that built the perfect wall.
After preparing a new prototype of the game we ourselves tested it, repaired some details and then?  We had a wonderful time watching our volunteers testing the game and it was amazing!!! They gave us very useful feedback and later in the process we were able to find solutions based on that.

We all know it is not a coincidence the game looks like this, there is energy of each of us who helped develop the game. We all feel grateful to be part of this creative process and we couldn’t believe those three days are already over. It was another tense but beautiful three days again. We shared a lot to arrive to the result we have right now.

We went on a journey and we were able to navigate ourselves to the successful finish. We can close this door and open another one for future plans we made. We are ready for everything that is ahead of us to successfully finish our work and give it all to the world.

We made great progress and we all felt really proud of ourselves at the end of the whole training.We also feel there are so many possibilities to use this game and it can really change lives.

We are looking forward to everything that is ahead of us.