I always try to find the solution that suits me

My name is Kačka and I am 18 years old. I am a student at the Secondary Vocational School of Multimedia and Promotional Design. I am also the head of the Young Firefighters organization in one of the city districts of Prague. My hobbies include reading, listening to music, taking photos and various cultures, such as visiting galleries and museums. And also walks around Prague and guiding people around Prague.

I like to work in a group in situations that are more convenient for me. For example, if I am able to do something on my own, I will do it, but if I do not know how to do something, I prefer to be in a group. but then it also depends on the mood. I, as an introvert, sometimes find it difficult to make new acquaintances.

While working in a group, I can meet new people and gain new experiences about communicating with them, as well as new knowledge and a worldview as others see it.

In my opinion, it is never possible to know for the first time whether we will choose someone well for the group. It could be oriented according to the sympathy of that person, but in my opinion it is simply impossible to recognize at first sight. We only know this after we get to know those people easily

For me, it depends on whether I know the people I choose from or not. If it is known, I choose from those with whom I can communicate well. If I don’t know them, I choose holt at random and according to who I like.

I like to receive help and tips from others in situations where I can’t help myself.

When I need help, I talk to people close to me and I know I can turn to them. For example, parents, friends.

In my opinion, it is easier to help people who want it than those who do not want it but also need it.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I ask for help, and sometimes the fear subsides. Why embarrassed? Because I say to myself that I’m asking for help because of complete nonsense.


My role models:
Parents <3, Elio (Call me by your name), Kim Namjoon (BTS), Christopher Bang Chan (Stray Kids), Buck (9-1-1). These are probably all I can think of. There are more of them, but these are the biggest.
My parents are important to me because they are always there for me when I need them. I can come to them and they will always advise me. Just as they are here for their loved ones, so I want to be a support to my friends and my parents.
Elio – a young boy, a very talented artist, but at the same time he has a problem with his own sexuality, because he can’t recognize it and at the same time he is confused about what he wants. And why him? Because it proves to me that there is no reason to be afraid when someone is confused, whether in their sexuality but in anything else.
Namjoon – leader of the BTS group. Namjoon is a role model for me because he can lead people very well and, together with other members of the group, he has managed to dig himself from the zero base to the world level. You went for your dream and didn’t give up. He is a man who works hard on what he wants to achieve.
Bang Chan – another leader of the Stray Kids group. A man who left Australia for Korea just to fulfill his dream. The same reasons as for Namjoon.
Buck – I consider Buck a role model because he showed me that it is not wrong to ask for help not only from my acquaintances, but also, if necessary, medical help, and that it is good to stick to what I enjoy. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the people he likes.

When I make a mistake, I probably find out about myself that I’m a person who is very on the edge with my emotions and it stays in my head for a long time that I did something wrong.

When I don’t know something, or when I make a mistake, I feel bad. That I’m not educated or educated enough. Even if it’s human to make mistakes, sometimes it just bothers me. But it also depends on the mood. If it’s a positive day, I don’t have much trouble dealing with it, but if the day is bad, it’s worse.

If I were to point out the people who make me feel safe when I need to deal with something new and unknown, it is definitely my parents and then my friends. But it probably depends on where and what I would solve. If I am in an environment where I feel comfortable, I am able to face it on my own and with my head held high.

In my opinion, my strength is communication. I think I can communicate very well with people I don’t know. I can listen to them and then explain my point of view. It just takes me the first contact, because I can’t address them here and there first.

There are many types of problems. Everyday or maybe mathematical and I hate you. But overall, I don’t like solving problems, because I personally have been in them for a very, very long time and I’m trying to find out other reasons for the problem.

I have no strategy for solving problems. I usually cook out of the water at that moment. I have never had it and I always try to find the solution that suits me and most of the time it is always different.

I probably can’t say exactly in what situations I don’t agree with others, but for example with my classmates about marriage for everyone. I am in favor of it being accessible to all, but unfortunately very often I hear ugly talk on this topic from my classmates.

“Sometimes I look at things through a keyhole, but sometimes in the size of the Sistine Chapel.”