The aim of the ANCHORS FOR THE FUTURE project is to create and disseminate innovative educational materials for youth workers to prevent gender unequal opportunities in the labor market (based on research and experience of girls and young women from partner countries). To achieve this, the consortium is focusing on creating, testing and disseminating innovative educational materials – so that youth workers are able to help girls develop the necessary competencies to ‘anchor’.

“Anchoring” is the process of seeking by the individual important points of reference and support that allow her to achieve relative psychosocial stability in the surrounding reality. Competences thats allow girls will be able to build many different stable anchors: – a sense of agency – awareness of their
own resources, ability to ask for help, seeking allies – critical thinking – making their own decisions – consent to own imperfection, the right to make mistakes.

The main priority of the ANCHORS FOR THE FUTURE project is the creation and dissemination of innovative educational materials for youth workers to prevent gender unequal opportunities in the labor market based on the research and experience of girls and young women. Therefore this objective is part of the priority ‘Supporting people in acquiring and improving basic skills and key competences’, as well as ‘Supporting educators’. It also falls under the priority “Promoting the involvement, connecting and providing new opportunities for young people” because it contributes to the educational success of young girls from different backgrounds and groups and assumes their cooperation with the local environment.

Created materials are to support girls in acquiring and developing competences that will help them feel safe in making new decisions and facing challenges (anchoring), based on, inter alia, the “serious games” methodology. Serious games are games whose primary purpose is not just entertainment.
They help players acquire, develop and consolidate specific skills and solve problems. To increase the employability of girls and the chance for a good, dignified life in the community, we will primarily focus on competences: an entrepreneurial approach, critical thinking and creativity.

The implementation of the project will enable the development of partnerships, involvement of informal partners, involvement of educational institutions, enterprises and intermediary bodies. The proposed solution will aim at preventing discrimination based on sex (including the problem of gender differences in the context of the availability and use of digital technologies and the start of studies or a career in IT by women).

The project objective is part of the horizontal priority: Support for educators, because:

  • the planned activities will allow the development of youth workers in areas of: communication, cooperation and exchange, combining education with research and innovation, learning based on non-formal education, supporting youth from disadvantaged communities.
  • the planned activities are participatory activities – i.e. youth workers will be actively involved in its creation.

Grant no.: 2019-3-PL01-KA205-077865