Please, meet Zosia

Zosia has been living in a dormitory for 6 years because her school is distant from her hometown. Although she lives far away from her relatives, she feels that the dormitory and music school are her second home. The Girl has her future planned in musical career path and persistently fulfil the goal. Despite good relations with peers and the people surrounding her, Zosia misses her family very much. Her greatest homesickness is the situation when her relatives celebrate for example birthday of a family member, and she is unable to attend. To minimize longing and maintain the power of the bond, she comes to her hometown every Friday and spends the weekend with loved ones. It all has a routine, and it includes evening conversations with older siblings and parents, a celebration of ceremonies (including religious ones), eating meals together, or helping with household chores. After such a weekend, the Girl returns to the dormitory on Sunday to start the next week of study on the next day.

Zosia describes her family and their relationships as perfect. As in any relationship, there are moments of misunderstanding, but these are not big conflicts, and every difference in opinion is immediately talked through. The teenager believes that this is the best solution because conflicts do not rise up. She also likes the type of relationship and the way the family works, which is why she wants to continue this model in her future life.

Zosia seems to be a Girl with a fairly good “anchors”. Her relationships with loved ones are really deep. She feels good regardless of the place and the fact that she lives far from home. She is aware of her musical talent and develops it, fulfilling the goal.