Laboratorium Zmiany (The Laboratory For Changes)

Together with girls and women, we learn how to stand with the courage in front of the world, to speak our own voice and to support each other. With men, we are looking for promising solutions for creating better relationships and a more friendly world for everybody. 
In the last 5 years, more than 1050 girls and boys experimented in our Laboratory. Since 2015 in our work we focus on women and girls, so that, through more than 25 projects, the participants find their inner strength to understand and counteract sex/gender stereotypes and discrimination.

Business & Professional Women CR z.s. is a public benefit organization, which associates active women, who want to do much more than just business. The organization supports women in activities towards economic independence, seeks to increase the number of women in the public space, runs projects supporting higher representation of women in decision-making positions. The main project is conference and campaign Equal Pay Day, which seeks to decrease salary differences between men and women.

Jovesólides association is an association made up of young people from different countries. Its primary objective is to promote equal opportunities and social justice, through access to higher education of young people from Southern countries as a tool for strengthening development processes and social change in their countries and communities of origin. Jovesólides is part of a network of entities with common objectives, together with Jovesólides Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua and The Savior.

CAI – Conversas Associação Internacional is an association whose founding members are key professionals involved in social intervention, as drug prevention projects focused in the nightlife settings working both with the target population as with stakeholders (industry, staff, other actors). Education both no-formal and informal, and community intervention. Some of them are experienced trainers in areas such as social intervention and health and drug Addiction, Human rights children rights, and social street work methodology for Youth workers. Also they have had extensive experience in direct work with young people in several contexts and Youth workers.