Harmonical project finished in Valencia

Very harmonical project Anchors for the Future started at the beginning of the pandemic period, spring 2020 and should last 2 years. It was supposed to start with the kick off meeting in Poland, but March 2020 caused a big change for 10 working people from 4 European countries involved, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Portugal. 

The social distance and no chance to meet in person to discuss future plans made the group connect each month online and step by step start talking about priorities, knowledge and expertise from each partner. This special occasion and regular meetings created a wonderful team, who finished with an awesome and quality product which deserves the continuation.

Key activities:

I wish you all to experience the friendly atmosphere of the last project meeting for evaluation. The city of Valencia in Spain hosted the team and concluded all key activities and brought new ideas on how to cooperate in the future.

Colorful logo of the project came from Czech graphic´s hand Pavlína and inspires the public to have a look at what is going on. All the happy colors connected youngsters for creative work. Keep yourself informed on our social media.